Labor Support

As a Birth Doula I will help you get ready for your baby’s arrival with 2 prenatal visits where we become better acquainted, build your birth plan and familiarize you and your birth partner with comfort/relaxation methods. Provide continuous doula support through labor and one postpartum follow-up meeting. As your doula I will be on-call 24 hours a day from 37-42 weeks and guarantee a back-up doula if needed. Communication starts at the day of hire till about 6 weeks postpartum. I do limit the number of births I take on per month to ensure our availability. 


Informational Support

Sharing up to date and relevant evidence-base information  to assist you in making informed decisions during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Access to local provider/resource list. 

Birth plan development and implementation. 

Train your birth partner to be your labor coach. 

Physical Support

Help set up your birth space when needed. 

Creates and helps maintain a calm environment conductive to birth. 

Ensure that you are moving and help with different laboring positions.

Apply massage and counter pressure when needed.

Guide through relaxation and coping techniques and rituals when needed. 

Ensure that you are fed and hydrated during labor. 

Emotional Support

Respect and honor your wishes and birth plan.

Help you work through your concerns, fears, and questions.

Show empathy, care, and takes take a nonjudgmental stance towards you regardless of your decisions. 

Help set you up for an empowered experience.

Will create a safe space and hold space if needed. 

Continuously supports you and your birth partner. 


Labor Support: $1000

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Antepartum Support

This service is for those that are in need of extra support before their baby arrives; especially for mom's that are on bed rest or experiencing a high risk pregnancy or if you need to reduce the stress of the day to day details.  Your doula will help you find a sense of calm all while planning and preparing for your newest member of your family. 

Services include:

   - Birth planning

   - Registry Guidance 

   - Meal prep

   - Nursery set-up

   - Relaxation techniques

   - Bed rest issues

   - Errands

   - Hospital bag prep

   - Laundry

Hourly rate: $18/hour